Integrated Care and Support Services

At ICS, we empower individuals with disabilities to rewrite their limitations and flourish on their own terms.

  • Your story, your way: We believe in personalised support plans tailored to your unique needs and dreams.
  • Expert support, endless possibilities: Our passionate team champions your independence and well-being.
  • Breaking barriers, building belonging: We advocate for your rights and create inclusive communities where everyone thrives.
  • Fuel your dreams, not defined by them: Join us and rewrite the narrative of disability, together.

Consider a service where:

  • Support sparks your potential, not limits it.
  • Every step you take is filled with purpose and possibility.
  • Your voice is heard, your choices respected.
  • Community lifts you up, empowers you to reach new heights.

Let ICS be your compass, your advocate, your partner in achieving a life beyond limitations.


Empowering individuals with diverse needs to achieve their full potential through seamless and personalized care, advocacy, and community connections.

ICS Vision

A world where every individual with a disability flourishes with dignity, independence, and equal opportunity.

Our Values


ICS empowers individuals with disabilities through compassionate support, guiding them to rewrite their limitations and thrive.


Empowering lives through support, ICS fosters shared potential for all Australians.


Clarity & honesty: ICS builds trust with consistent client communication.


At ICS, we own our actions and strive for the best.


ICS: Respect and value, woven into every interaction.

Participant Focused

Empowering lives, enriching communities: ICS puts participants first. 


Navigating NDIS with ease: ICS guides clients every step of the way.